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END-0F-DAY SWIRLS ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Perfume Bottle Pin ): This opulently hand carved Vintage Bakelite perfume bottle is a highly coveted collector’s item. (c. 1930-40) These “end-of-day” pieces can result in some sumptuous color combinations. At the end of the working day, the left over colors of Bakelite were poured and swirled together, giving the resulting tube a variegated appearance. This pin is a mix of brown and green shades. The heavy and deep carving features a large flower with leaves in the center of the bottle and the bar at the top features another floral blossom in the center of a bow. A gold colored metal chain suspends the bottle and a fine metal chain secures the domed stopper. (It is removable.) The back of the bottle is smooth and the bar at the top has a safety clasp heat set closure. This is a “book piece” featured in many of the Bakelite collector’s books - a luscious Vintage Bakelite scent bottle that is a real treasure. You will love it and wear it forever.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 3 1/2” long, 1 1/2” wide, bottle is 5/8” deep.




MELT IN YOUR MOUTH ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Pin and Earring Set ): No matter what the season, this Vintage Bakelite set from my personal collection is sure to seduce you with the richness of its colors and terrific fashion savvy. These yummy pieces have been created by using Vintage Bakelite stock, cut, polished, reassembled and laminated into a stylish bar pin and wonderful clip earrings. I purchased this set at a fashionable craft show in NYC about 15 years ago. The shades of autumn are blended in a luscious symphony of color. Translucent marbleized butterscotch and rootbeer dominate the pin with touches of opaque cream corn and applejuice. Melt in your mouth delicious colors! Notice how cleverly the slices are assembled to form the mirror image clip earrings. The long pin back has a safety clasp. In this case, a picture is really better than words. Classy and sassy, this Vintage Bakelite set would be a striking addition to your collection – or a dazzling, unforgettable gift. Condition: Excellent. Size: Pin 3 1/4” long, 1 1/8” wide, 1/2”deep. Earrings 1 3/4” long (remember that part of this goes up your ear), 1’ wide.





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BAKELITE BANGLES – FASHION’S FAVORITE ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Set of Three Bangles ): Fashion has embraced the bangle bracelet as a “must have” accessory! What is more fun than a set of Bakelite bangles “clacking” on your wrist? This set of three carved Vintage Bangles includes a pair of creamed corn bangles and a rich toffee marbleized center bangle. All of the bracelets are carved – the pair of cream corn is a matched set. One of them is slightly darker than the other. In the photo one appears a bit pinkish on my monitor, but they are both really creamed corn color. Add to the set – black or green would be a knock out! Mix and Match is what keeps collectors on the hunt for new additions to their “stack”. Bakelite is addicting, but has no dangerous side effects! Condition: Excellent.





BB030A.jpg (36278 bytes)


SHULTZ PATRIOTIC U.S.A. ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Shultz Pin ): A piece of history as well as a wonderful patriotic Bakelite pin created by Ron and Ester Shultz. All of their pieces are made from Vintage Bakelite. As a special tribute to 9-11, Ron and Ester made a limited edition of this USA pin which they signed and dated 9-11-01. It has a red Bakelite bar with a white heart and a blue celluloid chain with U.S.A. in Bakelite cut out dangles. The back has a simple safety clasp pin. A moving reminder to a day that brought all American’s together united in thought and deed. Condition: Mint. Total size is 2" wide, 3" long. Bar is 2" by 3/4". Letters are about 3/4" high.






ELEGANT LARGE CARVED BEADS ( Vintage Bakelite Beaded Necklace ): Most women attending a fancy “dress-up” event choose to wear their small and subtle diamonds and pearls. My taste has always been a bit unusual, but the social page photographer frequently selected my husband and me for their most prominent photos - somebody with her own individual taste. Better yet, my jewelry cost only a fraction as much! This eye-catching Vintage Bakelite Necklace (c. 1970's) is an example. This black beaded necklace – each separated by small gold beads – and a black dress are very traditional. But add the three large decoratively carved peachy ivory colored Vintage Bakelite Beads and WOW!

Condition: Excellent. Large spring ring closure easy to use.
Size: Length 23”. Larger black beads 1/2” diameter, smaller black beads at each end of necklace and at each end of peachy ivory beads 3/8” diameter. Peachy ivory beads (roughly triangular shaped) 2 1/4” long, each face 1/4” wide at larger end.


BB119A.JPG (107822 bytes)


A RARE PAIR ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Mosaic Dress Clips / Earrings ): If this rare set of Vintage Bakelite dress clips/earrings doesn’t make people sit up and take notice, I don’t know what will. Black deeply, heavily carved leaf shaped clips are inset with dainty circles of glass mosaic flowers in white, yellow and green. (c. 1930) It is rare to see such a combination of skill and artistry in one pair of Bakelite clips. They look superb as earrings. Just flatten the prongs, add ear pads and you have a pair of unmatchable Vintage Bakelite Earrings. If you want a dramatic, yet feminine look, you can’t beat this combination. Condition: Excellent. The clips are tight. Size: 2 1/4” high, 1 1/8” wide, 1/4” deep.





BB094A.jpg (64578 bytes)


THE RICH ALLURE OF REVERSE CARVING ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Clips / Earrings ): The most unusual and valuable of all Vintage Bakelite Jewelry used the technique of under carving. This pair of 1930’s clips is back carved and hand painted on the reverse to create mirror image sunflowers frozen in time. Originally clear to imitate crystal, the years have turned this clear carved jewelry to a pale apple juice color. Transparent items were 15% to 20% more expensive than opaque raw material and with the added labor of both hand carving and painting, reverse carved jewelry found itself at the high end of the price spectrum. This pair of estate clips have a laminated stripe of cream corn opaque Bakelite running diagonally across the center. As intended, these clips can be worn as a striking accent to a dress or even better, clipped to the notches of a blazer collar. I wear them as earrings - good Bakelite earrings are non-existent. By flattening the small prongs and adding a slip-on ear pad, I have something no one else has - reverse carved earrings. (You can also buy eyeglass ear pads at the drugstore and stick them on. This has worked perfectly for me for years.) Condition: Excellent. the clips are tight. One tiny flea bite on a domed edge does not show. Light scratches are not visible to the naked eye. Size: 2" long, 1 1/4" wide, 1/4" deep.





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PEACHES & CREAM ( Vintage French Bakelite / French Ivory Necklace ): I am offering a sublimely “cool” necklace from my personal collection of French Ivory. The term “French Ivory” is used to describe French Bakelite that has been grained to reproduce the look of ivory at a fraction of the price. Graduated balls and cylindrical beads alternate, interspersed with faux pale coral, flattened beads to give a cool Mediterranean look to the necklace. It hangs nicely due to the 3 coral colored beads on each side of the center bead. There is a screw clasp closure. An unusual piece, light in weight this necklace look great on so many colors – green, brown, back, even on purple. It is spectacular on gray. I purchased this necklace in the 1970’s or early 80’s. I hope you will love it as much as I do. Condition: Excellent. Size: Total necklace is 24” long, round beads vary from 5/8” to 7/8”, cylinders range from 1/2” to 3/4” wide. All cylinder beads are 1” long. SALE!




RARE *ISADORA* OCEAN LINER SHIP NECKLACE ( Vintage French Bakelite Jewelry “Isadora” Necklace ):This large Vintage French Bakelite “Isadora” Necklace is a truly exceptional piece to add to any collection. The subject is based on an ocean liner featuring at the center the prow of a large 3 deck ship with a blue anchor on one side and a French sailor's hat with a yellow pom-pom on the other side. The Galalith (often called French Bakelite) beads that go around your neck are black on one side and white on the other. There are geometric abstract cut outs that lead down to the central ship design. I love the colors – so intense yet playful and fashionable. This necklace – typical of Isadora pieces – uses bold elements to enhance the incredible design. The necklace fastens with a screw closure within what looks like an oblong black bead. The back of the ship is hot stamped “Isadora Paris” and “© Isadora”. Her trademark of twin art deco ladies is in the center. In 2011 I received a lovely email from her husband, Pierre Dinand. Here is part of what he said: “ISADORA was created by Danielle Poullain in 1976 and still exists in Paris today, she has never stopping her activity. Her Store is located in the St Germain area......She created jewelry for many Fashion designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Missoni, Tiffany and Givenchy.” I am so grateful to him for writing so I could add this information for all of you who are fascinated by the lady and her jewelry, just as I am. This is an unforgettable necklace that you won't see again.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Hangs about 21” long, ship is 3” high, anchor is 3 1/4” high, sailor cap is 2” in diameter, most of it is 1/4” deep.



SOPHISTICATED LEAF & SCROLL LUCITE NECKLACE ( Vintage Clear & Rootbeer Lucite Necklace ): Ready to spice up your fashion wardrobe? This spectacular Vintage Clear and Translucent Rootbeer Lucite Necklace will be just the thing to keep your “look” trendy and unique. The photos tell the story better than I. Leaf and scroll designs make up the three motif designed necklace. The carved rootbeer pieces are overlaid on top of the clear Lucite, creating a special dimensional effect. Gold-tone links are used to add a dash of sparkle to the necklace. There is a large spring ring closure. This necklace always brought me compliments and now it can be yours to treasure. Own it and flaunt it!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: About 18” long. Each of the two leaf pieces are 4” long and the central pendant dangle is 4 1/2” long. All 1/4”-1/2” deep.



RARE *ISADORA* FROLICKING FROG POND ( Vintage French Bakelite Jewelry “Isadora” Necklace ): This large Vintage French “Isadora” Necklace is a truly exceptional piece to add to any collection. The theme of a whimsical frog and lily pads is extremely charming. I just love the colors! Made of Galalith (often called French Bakelite), the graduated round beads range from deep red to soft pale green and ivory. The large theme pieces are soft green fading into a deeper green and a soft coral pink gradually becoming a deeper rose tipped shade. (The true colors are better seen on the photos with white backgrounds.) This necklace – typical of Isadora pieces – uses big, bold elements to enhance the incredible necklace design. It remains difficult to learn very much about the lady herself, but I have heard from some shoppers who visited her shop in Paris back in the 1980’s. Even then her pieces were very limited and expensive. Isadora opened her shop in 1975 and designed pieces through the ‘80’s. (Her shop has long been closed.) The back of this necklace is hot stamped with the Isadora logo and is marked “Isadora Paris”, “© Isadora 1980”. The catch is a screw barrel clasp. Isadora always wanted to give her pieces a certain exclusive, limited production, so that her clientele had the feeling that they were wearing a rare jewelry piece. I search constantly for a few affordable pieces that I feel convey the best of Isadora’s work. This is an unforgettable necklace that you won’t see again.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Total length 18 1/2”. Center lily pad 3 1/4" high, 3 1/4" wide, 1/4 deep. Frog is 2 3/4" long, 2 1/2"wide 1/8 deep.
BB169A.JPG (57132 bytes)


DYNAMITE DOVETAIL SIGNED BANGLE ( Bakelite Jewelry Bangle Bracelet ): I am so pleased to offer you this “Dovetail” Vintage Bakelite Bangle made and signed by contemporary artist, Teresa. The colors are vivid and juicy – they actually shine! Teresa uses all Vintage Bakelite pieces in her creations. The outer edges of this wide bangle are a beautiful marbleized translucent root beer and the “Dovetails” are made of laminated  burgundy and cream pieces. The burgundy tails are made from vintage mahjong tiles. Superb work executed with skill and artistry signed “Teresa”. Not a bangle for the faint of heart! Condition: Excellent. The light cream will age to a cream corn color as all vintage pieces do. Size: 1 3/4” wide, 2 5/8” inner opening, 1/4” thick. SOLD!


TROPICAL MOONLIGHT ( Bruce Pantti Rare Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Brooch / Pin ): I have known contemporary artist, Bruce Pantti, for many years and he made this pin for me at my request. (c. 1995) Bruce uses only Vintage Bakelite for his creations and polishes them so that the original colors are bright as new. Out of my personal collection I am offering this beautiful pin of a marbleized translucent pale yellow moon peeking out from behind two hand carved palm trees. The trees have deeply carved cross hatching all the way up the trunks to the graceful marbleized deep green palm leaves. The whole scene has been laminated together. Pantti has engraved his signature on the back and affixed a safety clasp pin back. Bruce's work is featured in Karima Parry's book “Bakelite Pins”. Pins by Bruce Pantti are quite frankly – rare. He mainly makes Bakelite Bangles. Each pin is a one-of-a-kind creation. A perfect Vintage Bakelite pin that will recall visits to tropical destinations and provide a “pick-me-up” for all seasons. I love it and hope that one of you will love it too. A rare treasure at any price!

Condition: Excellent / Mint.
Size: 3 1/8” high, 2 1/2” wide, 1/4” deep.



TREASURE UNDER THE SEA ( Vintage Bakelite Jewelry Judy Clarke Reverse Carved Fish Bangle ): One of the prize pieces of my personal collection. This Vintage Apple Juice Bakelite Sea-life Bangle is truly UNIQUE and I believe that it is the best reverse carved fish bangle that I have ever seen! One-of-a-kind. It is so densely carved that I can't describe it all, but let the photos tell the tale. Fishes of every size and color – red, yellow, brown – are just the beginning of this tribute to sea-life. The plants and grasses are astonishing in shape and color with many little hidden secret surprises running along the bottom of the bangle. There is a tiny red crab with pincher arms, a green moray eel peeking out under the brown fish and – my favorite – a tiny alligator with bulging eyes under the squiggly red coral. Really too superb to take it all in. Judy's pieces are hand carved works of art and require many hours of painstaking detailed work. The hand painting is so colorful and realistic that you will gasp with delight. Vintage Bakelite fish bangles have always been a true collector's dream and prices still go sky-high. I love it – you'll love it and covet it at this price. It pains me to part with it but my age says it must go to another admiring collector's home. A must have Vintage Bakelite Art Collector's dream bangle!

Condition: Excellent. Mint! (Frog not included. Sorry!)
Size: 1” wide, 3/8” deep, 2 1/2” inner opening.



** Frog not included and is for display purposes only**


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