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AMY KAHN RUSSELL TURQUOISE FROG NECKLACE: In a class all of her own, AKR Jewelry is always vibrant and exciting. Choosing unusual mixes of stones and minerals, her design and color choices are always delightful and striking. In this original design necklace the magic of nature's own green, turquoise and ivory weave a spell that brings images of green grass and turquoise skies. This necklace features ovals in shades of blue, green and brown. An adorable bone frog with green carving on his back and two bright black eyes is peeping up at you. The long, narrow and carved pendant portrays two smaller froggies faced towards each other amidst green ferns that lend them some camouflage helping to disguise their presence. It has a spring ring clasp. A simply wonderful necklace full of AKR sophisticated colors, yet playful with the dear little froggies scattered about. All eyes will be on you when you wear this distinctive Amy Kahn Russell creation! (See matching earrings JJ305.)

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Total necklace length 17”. Pendant portion 3 1/2” long, 7/8” wide, 3/8” deep. Individual frog 1 1/4” long, 7/8” wide, 3/8” deep.



AMY KAHN RUSSELL FROG CLIP EARRINGS: I love frogs! Perhaps they are my “spirit” animal. This delightful pair of AKR Clip Earrings will bring a smile to your face every time you look at these amazing tiny creatures. A pair of hand-carved bone froggies, embellished with green body details and jet black eyes, will keep you entertained. The frogs are bezel set in Sterling Silver and hallmarked “AKR” & “Sterling”. The clip backs are firm and padded for comfort. Frogs are disappearing from the earth – so grab these guys! (See matching necklace JJ304.)

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 1/4” high, 1” wide, 5/8” deep.



VINTAGE HOBÉ ROSE QUARTZ & MOTHER-OF-PEARL NECKLACE & EARRING SET: I purchased this glorious beaded set at an estate sale in Dallas about 30 years ago. The Rose Quartz beads are softly colored and feminine. The MOP inlaid large beads are a flashing blue-green iridescent accent that provides plenty of drama. The necklace goes over your head – there is no clasp needed. The extravagant finishing touch is provided by the Rose Quartz hoop earrings. The domed top of the inlaid MOP has a clip back. When the clip is open you can remove the loop and wear just the top MOP button if you want a different look. The clip backs are marked “HOBÉ”. Essentially launched on a prestigious commission to produce jewelry for the Ziegfeld Follies in the 1920's, Hobé became one of the major suppliers of pieces for the theatre and film industries during the 1940's and 50's. Stars such as Bette Davis and Ava Gardner helped to make Hobé jewelry the most sought after designer pieces. Hobé's high quality pieces live up to its advertising slogan “Jewels of Legendary Splendor”. You can wear your very own piece of top quality Hollywood glamour!

Condition: Excellent. Sold only as a set.
Size: Necklace is 33” long. MOP beads are 5/8” in diameter. Earrings are 2” long with hoop. MOP top is 1” in diameter.



VINTAGE CARVED ROSE PENDANT WITH BEADED CHAIN NECKLACE: Roses never lose their romantic feminine appeal. I was fortunate to have found this delicate hand carved bone pendant on a buying trip to Houston about 25 years ago. The Victorian “language of flowers” has captured the fashionable imagination and provided an ample expression of interest in the elaborate symbolism of nature. A single rose carries the sentiment, “I love you.” This large exquisite rose in full bloom is accented by a single dew drop (a zirconia). A large bale holds the hand carved rose to a chain comprised of small bone beads, ending with a screw toggle fastener, so comfortable around your neck. Flattering to all skin tones, this necklace with pendant is a small masterpiece of the carver's art. A perfect gift for someone you love.

Condition: Excellent. There is a pinback with a safety clasp on the back of the rose. Perhaps this pin was used to lock the rose in place so that it does not hit against anything when you lean forward. The point does not stick out so it will not catch on material.
Size: Rose is 1 1/2” high, 1 1/2” wide, 3/4” deep. Beaded necklace length 16”.



VINTAGE *CHIPITA* JASPER CLIP ON EARRINGS: I wear a lot of Chipita Earrings and they never fail to bring me compliments. This clip-on pair is designed with Jasper and Agate stones with metal dangles in shades of copper, rust and muted gold. Set at the ear the large brown/green stone is surrounded with gold beads and nuggets of rust, mustard and yellow. As with all Chipita Earrings, these are hand stitched to a leather backing. The clip back is hallmarked “Chipita”. These deep, vibrant fall toned beauties were purchased in Santa Fe in the 1980’s. The shades of green and rust are a strong fashion statement for any season. Step out in the timeless style of dangling earrings. All Chipita earrings were expensive but you can have these at an affordable price. Sorry but large Chipita earrings, such as you see here, are no longer being made. Women want them and men love’em!

Condition: Excellent. Clip backs are padded for comfort. One tiny chip – invisible to the naked eye.
Size: 3” long, 1 1/2" wide.



*OBSIDIAN* OCEAN AGATE RING: Every women wants “rings on her fingers” so here is a ring to suit all occasions! Designed with exquisite semiprecious stones and handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Obsidian Jewellery Company located in Cape Town South Africa, has long been known for its dedication to searching out unique and intriguing semiprecious stones. This Sterling Silver ring has at its center a round piece of Ocean Agate. This stone features grays and greens with tiny butterscotch circles. Soft colors yet eye-catching. The Ocean Agate is surrounded by 6 bezel set amethysts. The wide ring band is hallmarked with “Obsidian” and “925” silver. The ring size is 8 ½ but the wide band makes it fit better on a slightly smaller ring size. Any color you wear will be enhanced by these unusual and delicate tones. The design of the ring delights the eye and its timeless beauty will never go out of style. A perfect gift for yourself! (See JJ310 for nice matching Obsidian Earrings.)

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Ring size 8 ½ but probably fits an 8. Ocean Agate 3/4” diameter. Amethysts 1/8” diameter. Ring band 5/8” wide at shoulder tapering to 3/8” at the back. Agate stands 3/8” above the band.



*OBSIDIAN* OCEAN AGATE & SMOKED TOPAZ CLIP EARRINGS: Earrings designed by the Obsidian Jewellery Company, located in Cape Town South Africa, are some of my favorite pieces. Always vibrant and exciting, I love the ethnic inspired look of these earrings. Hallmarked “Obsidian” and made of Sterling Silver, these clip earrings have squares of Smoked Topaz set in a square bezel at the top and a triangular piece of Ocean Agate set in Sterling below. The Topaz is a deep brownish gray on one side fading to pale yellow on the other. The Ocean Agate is speckled with green, tan and white – natures colors. These earrings are lightweight and will light up your collection. Edgy but sophisticated – a style women are looking for! (See JJ309 for a nice matching Obsidian Ring.)

Condition: Excellent. Clip backs.
Size:1 1/2”long, 3/4”wide, Topaz is 3/8”deep.



HAND-PAINTED PORCELAIN FACE CLIP EARRINGS: I purchased these serene hand-painted porcelain face earrings at an Arts & Crafts Show in Dallas in the 1980's. I was struck by the delicate painting on these circular faces. They seem calmly frozen in time. (Love the rosebud lips!) The artist signed the initials “LP” on the clip back of one of them. Dainty delights – keeping secrets in their eyes.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 1/8” in diameter, 1/8” deep.



AFRICAN INSPIRED WOODEN BEADED NECK COLLAR: This red beaded collar fits around you neck like a choker. It is strung on flexible wire so that it opens easily and slips closed around your neck. Red round and oblong wooden beads are interspersed with 10 rows of glass seed beads. The effect is striking and oh, so fashionable. The theme music from “Out of Africa” runs through my head and I can picture the color and exotic look of Tribal Jewelry. Take a chance and explore the look of “the dark continent”. You will be the main attraction where ever you wear this beaded beauty. (See JJ314 for the matching bracelet.)

Condition: Excellent. Spread collar open and place it around your neck – it closes itself.
Size: 15” long, 1 7/8” wide. Is a medium neck size, but is flexible.



WOODEN BEADED FLEXIBLE WIRE BRACELET: I couldn't resist the colorful ethnic look of this red beaded cuff bracelet. African inspired, the bracelet is strung on wire so that it is flexible in size. Consisting of rows of red round and oblong wooden beads interspersed with 10 rows of glass seed beads. The lure of Tribal Jewelry is fashion's darling. You will be a “hit” wearing this dramatic bracelet that so perfectly says AFRICA. (See JJ313 for the matching necklace.)

Condition: Excellent.
Size:1 1/2” wide, 7 3/4” long, opening at back is flexible. I would suggest a wrist size no bigger than 8”. A medium wrist.



VINTAGE JAPANESE “PURSE” PENDANT: This unique hand crafted item is called an Inro, which is a Japanese “purse”, normally worn attached to an obi with a Netsuke as a toggle. The bead which keeps the Inro closed is called an Ojime. The pendant is suspended from a silk cord. Please enjoy this little treasure which has been crafted from clay to simulate wood and knots made of cord. I purchased this from the artist, Patty Barnes, at a Dallas Arts & Crafts Show.

Condition: Excellent. Slide top bead up the cord to open the box then lift the lid.
Size: Pendant is 3” long from bead to bead, 1 1/8” in diameter. Cord is 28” long and ties behind the neck at any length you wish.



STEPHEN DWECK” CARVED TOPAZ RING: I am offering a stunning carved smoked Topaz ring by Stephen Dweck, known as the “Romancer of the Stone”. Stephen's influence from nature can be seen in this signature flower design ring. The oval cabochon Topaz has been deeply hand-carved into a single blossom. The stone appears a smoked brown color with glints of the golden yellow topaz when seen under light. There is a silver wire twist at the base of the floral carving, as well as a surround of antiqued gold orbs. The split ring shank is decorated with lines of graduated orbs. The inside of the ring band in hallmarked “Stephen Dweck”, “992 Sterling” and his name is followed by his signature “beetle” design within a small circle.The ring size is a 6. I wore this beauty for about 20 years, mixing it with yellows, browns and greens. It is a striking ring recognized immediately by those in the know as a Dweck design. A terrific gift for yourself or for some lucky friend or relative. Grab it now for a bargain price!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Ring size is 6. Carved Topaz is 7/8” long, 1/2” wide, 1/4” deep.



*ALEXIS BITTAR* LUCITE BANGLE BRACELET: Alexis Bittar has been described as “One of the Greatest Jewelry Designers of the 21st Century”. Famous for his “glowing Lucite” jewelry, Bittar has added many new and different designs to his collection. This thickly domed black Lucite bangle is embedded with a set of gold metal shapes (star, diamond, pyramid, slash) on one side and a set of similar designs in silver on the opposite side. It reminds me of the night sky, literally twinkling with stars and comets. A sophisticated statement bracelet with an edge for today's fashion forward woman. This Lucite bangle has a narrower back and a wide front where all the dazzle is displayed. The trademark plaque inside reads “Handcarved by Alexis Bittar”. Smooth and silky on your wrist, I hope that you enjoy wearing this show-stopping bangle as much as I have.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Inner opening 2 5/8”. Back 1 1/8” wide, front 2 1/8” wide, varies from 1/4” to 1/2” deep.



SCARCE RETIRED *LUNCH AT THE RITZ* “KENNEL CLUB BRACELET”: Glamour and glitz from LUNCH AT THE RITZ! I am so pleased to offer you this highly coveted retired LATR bracelet known as the “Kennel Club Bracelet”. Very few of these were made and they were quickly snatched up by dog lovers. A scarce, truly spectacular, eye-popping piece of jewelry. The dimensional enamel dogs include a white Scottie, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Pug, large Poodle head, Yorkshire Terrier, Bulldog, French Poodle, Dalmatian and black Scottie. There are three highly bejeweled circular dog collars with buckles and heart shaped tags that read “Lunch At The Ritz”. Topaz, black & white Austrian Crystals and Czechoslovakian Glass Rhinestones dangle between the decorated enamel dogs and collars. All LATR pieces are backed with a thick coating of 24 KT gold electroplate. The gold link chain has a V-spring and box clasp. A row of white rhinestones and another row of black rhinestones add more sparkle tot he charm bracelet. Outstanding in its entirety, this LATR” Kennel Club” bracelet is the crème de la crème of anyone's collection. You will not see this again. Gold jewelry bag included. Bon Appétit!

Condition: Mint.
Size: Gold link chain 8” long, white and black rhinestone chains 6 1/2” long. Enamel dog charms vary from 3/4” to 1 1/4”.



AMY KAHN RUSSELL” ENAMEL BROOCH / PENDANT: As fresh as spring, this hand painted enamel and faceted green Austrian crystal brooch is a perfect fit for any season. Multi-shades of fashion's favorite – bright green – enhance the floral and leaf disks. A tiny glass dangle covered in silver beads completes the fresh look of this design. Marked “Sterling” and hallmarked “AKR”. There is a safety clasp and a pendant hook on the back. This Russell design may be used as either a brooch or a pendant on a chain or neck-wire.

Condition: Mint. Included original card and tag.
Size: Total length 2 1/2”, width 1 5/8”, depth 1/4”.





RETIRED *LUNCH AT THE RITZ* “PALM BEACH” CLIP EARRINGS: Glamour and Glitz have been combined by Lunch At The Ritz to create these clip earrings called “Palm Beach”. These fabulous mirror image 3 dimensional palm trees with dangling coconuts and iridescent crystal dangles are simply superb! The leafy tops are curved with green inset stones and the brown and gold tree trunks curve down into sparkling white beach sand with curled enamel waves washing the shore. See close-up photo of the trunks to appreciate their lovely enamel and jeweled décor. They are made with a heady mix of Swarovski rhinestones, Austrian crystals, Czechoslovakian glass, resins and brass topped with a thick coating of 24 KT gold electroplate. These grand earrings carry the LATR logo and include the “Menu” card. Treat yourself to a pair of these delicious retired Palm Tree Earrings. Bon Appetit!

Condition: Mint. Earring clips are padded.
Size: Total length 3”, width 2 3/8”.





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