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Suggested Reference Books For Collectors

I am sorry that it is no longer possible for me to respond to questions concerning the identification, history or value of individual jewelry items. The desire for this information is understandable, but it is not really the business that I am in. I love researching the pieces that I sell, but I am not a jewelry appraiser. Please check the suggested reference books that will provide you with useful information concerning all styles of antique and contemporary jewelry. 

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Warman's Jewelry: 3rd Edition by Christie Romero, Krause Publications, 2002

Mourning Art & Jewelry by Maureen DeLorme, A Shiffer Art Book, 2004, (Featuring many pieces from J.Jay's personal collection of Mourning Jewelry)

Collector's Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry by Jeanenne Bell, Collector Books, 1998 

Nineteenth Century Cameos by Michele Rowan, Antique Collectors' Club, 2004 

Cameos Old & New: 3rd Edition by Anna M. Miller, Gemstone Press, 2002 

Southwestern Indian Jewelry by Dexter Cirillo, Abbeville Press, 1992

The Bakelite Jewelry Book by Corinne Davidov and Ginny Redington Dawes, Abbeville Press, 1988

Bakelite Bangles: Price & Identification Guide by Karima Parry, Krause Publications, 1999 


These books can all be found on Amazon.com

These links are to the web sites of friends of mine with similar interests. I urge you to visit them and look at their lovely items.



 Art of Mourning - Hayden Peters, Jewellery Historian
An educational site dedicated to mourning, memorial and sentimental jewellery.

Things Gone By - Darlene Bolyard

Victorian Hair Artists Guild - Custom Made Hair Jewelry

Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry - Jane Clarke

Red Robin Antiques - Robin Allison

Rowan and Rowan - Michele Rowan 

Purveyors of rare and unusual Georgian and Victorian Jewellery



Lori Kizer's Vintage Jewelry 

ELVENKRAFTE STUDIOS - Artist Brad Elfrink creates exquisite one-of-a-kind hand carved Bakelite Jewelry & Collectable Buttons. Using Vintage Bakelite each piece is a miniature work of art.



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