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SILVER & GOLD NECKLACE: Jack Tom is a well know, highly respected Navajo jewelry artist. I feel privileged to have owned and worn one of his marvelous creations. It features a granular surfaced Sterling Silver hand-shaped pendant with 14 KT gold figures of Kokopelli, the Native American deity of fertility, a star and a lizard. It has a hook bale. The hand hangs from a necklace composed of 12 granular silver shields bearing gold bars and diamonds. It has a hook and ring closure. Stamped on the back of the hand are “14K”, “STERLING” & “JT”. Just for fun I left the stickers on the back.

Condition: Excellent
Size: The slightly domed hand is 3 1/2” long including the bale, 1 7/8” wide, 1/4” deep. The necklace is 23 1/2” long.



LANDER BLUE CUFF: This Vintage Sterling Silver Cuff was created by Navajo artist Gilbert Nelson. The multi-layer cuff features a gorgeous Lander Blue Turquoise stone in an elevated silver setting. On the back are stamped “g Nelson” and “STERLING”.

Condition: Excellent
Size: Cuff width 1 3/8”, depth at stone 1/2”, elsewhere 1/8”. Stone 1” high, 5/8” wide. Inner circumference 5 1/4”, opening 1 3/8” with no give. Fits small wrist.



HEISHI BEAD NECKLACE: This glamorous Vintage Santo Domingo Necklace is made up of 48 strands of the tiniest Heishi Shell Beads you have ever seen. Can you even imagine the workmanship that went into making it? The strands are gathered into Sterling Silver beads at both ends with curved silver cones holding a hook and ring closure.

Condition: Excellent
Size: The necklace is 29 1/2” long.



HOPI PENDANT: Most of the surface of this pendant is of the traditional Hopi silver overlay consisting of 2 layers of Sterling Silver with the outer layer carved into shapes and figures that are meaningful to the Hopi culture layered over a blackened background. Appropriately at the top is the symbol for Tawa, the Hopi sun god who created the earth and at the bottom is an ear of corn which nourished the people. The beautiful central stones consist of purple sugilite, turquoise, agate, onyx and mother-of-pearl. On the back are stamped “STERLING” and the cloud symbol which is the hallmark for my very favorite Hopi artist, Chalmers Day. It is very difficult for me to part with his pieces.

Condition: Excellent
Size: Length 4”, width 1” depth 1/8”.



ZUNI PIERCED EARRINGS: The beautiful stones on these earrings are set in the classical Zuni channel inlaid style. They consist of turquoise and purple sugilite. The earrings are made of Sterling Silver with the kite shaped dangle attached to a shell decorated top bearing a post on the back. On the back of each are stamped the artist's feathered hallmark and “STERLING”.

Condition: Excellent
Size: Full length 3”. The large dangle is 2 3/8” long, 1 1/2” wide, 1/8” deep.



FETISH NECKLACE & EARRINGS: This is an amazing Fetish Necklace and Earrings Set made of fossilized ivory. The central necklace fetish is a standing bear and on either side of him are paired otters, turtles, beavers, bears, armadillos, foxes and rabbits. And beyond them are dozens of other little critters. You will have fun trying to identify them. Each Earring has 8 little critters with a fish at the bottom. The earring fetishes hang from a Sterling Silver cross with a coral bead at the bottom. There are clips on the backs with new clip slip pads. The necklace has silver cones at each end with a hook and chain closure allowing you to vary the length.

Condition: Excellent
Size: The necklace is 33” to 37 1/2” long. The earrings are 3” long, the silver cross 7/8” by 7/8”.



FROG FETISH NECKLACE: Have I mentioned that I love frogs? This necklace is made up of 13 frogs, 12 of which are carved from green serpentine and the 13th little fellow, I guess, from brown serpentine. They are on a strand of tan to white tiny heisi shell beads. At each end is a Sterling Silver cone and a hook and ring closure.

Condition: Excellent
Size: The necklace is 31” long. The frogs range from 1” to 1 1/2” long.



ONYX & GREEN CUFF: This Sterling Silver cuff is set with channel inlaid onyx and multiple types and shades of green stones. The workmanship is masterful. Inside is the artists hallmark of a fish with “Jackson” within it.

Condition: Very good. Has light scratches.
Size: Cuff width 1”, depth at stones 1/8”. Inner circumference 5 5/8”, opening 1 1/8” with no give. Fits small wrist.



CHIPITA EARRINGS: Chipita Earrings were extremely popular in the 1980's and collected worldwide. When their popularity waned Joan Eagle, the owner and designer of the southern Colorado company, changed to a simpler look. I panicked because I just loved the old style ones and I started buying all I could find. I probably had the world's largest Vintage Chipita Earring collection but most have now departed. These earrings are typical of the old style with a large leather backed stone at the top framed in tiny beads with several dangles of decorated metal shapes, beads and semiprecious stones. They are clip earrings with “Chipita” stamped on the clips. I still love them! I hope you will too.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Length 3”, width 1 1/2”, depth 1/4”.



TURQUOISE NECKLACE: What a beauty! This necklace is made up of 2 strands of Turquoise beads very gradually decreasing in size from the center to both ends. You can see how nicely the two strands lie side by side on our model Alyssa's neck. Wonderful workmanship. At each end is a Sterling Silver cone and a hook and chain closure allowing you to vary the length.

Condition: Excellent
Size: The necklace is 23” to 28” long. The Turquoise chips vary from 5/8” diameter in the center to 1/4” at the ends on the lower strand and just slightly smaller for the upper strand.



BLUE JASPER NECKLACE: What a beauty! Made of denim friendly Blue Jasper, the 10 jasper strands are attached to woven strands of tan twine decorated with 10 pipe-stone beads. The strands are then wrapped together at both ends to make the disc and loop closure. I find the coin used as the disc of interest. It is an Indian (country) coin dated 1941. Around the profiled figure it says “George VI King Emperor”. He was the emperor of India from 1936 until 1947 at which time India gained its independence and became a member of the British Commonwealth. I'm sure the artist did not choose this particular coin at random but felt it had some meaning.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Length 30”.



SPINY OYSTER EARRINGS: These colorful and beautiful earrings are made of orange Spiny Oyster Shell and Mother-of-Pearl Shell. These shells are set in Sterling Silver. They are clip earrings with new slip clip pads. On the back are stamped the artist's initials “NG” and “STERLING”.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Length 3”, width 1 1/8” at top, 3/4” at bottom, depth 1/4”.



CHEROKEE LARIAT NECKLACE: The Cherokees are well known for their beautiful bead-work jewelry and this is a great example. It is actually a Lariat Necklace, much like a Bolo Tie. The beaded decorative medallion holds the 2 black and white beaded strands by a wide elastic strap so the medallion can be placed at any level you desire from up close to your neck to lower down on your chest. The portion that goes around your neck is a woven silky twine. The medallion is backed by leather.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: The beaded strand is 40” long including the tufts at each end. The medallion is 3” in diameter.



CHEROKEE PIERCED EARRINGS: Going to attend that costume party as an Indian Maiden? Then these colorful Cherokee Beaded Earrings are a must! The 11 strands of beads are mostly made up of colored glass beads but have silver beads in the center and silver cones at the ends The strands of beads hang from Sterling Silver stampwork decorated discs with the initial “NT” stamped on the back of each The discs hang from short chains topped by kidney wire pierced ear findings. They are definitely “shoulder dusters”.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Total length 7 3/8”, width of hanging cones 1 1/2”. Disc 1 1/4” in diameter, slightly domed depth 1/8”



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