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Rare & Special Pug Treasures

Victorian Pug Oil Painting
    "Rene Quentin, Sept 1894"
19th Century German Pug 
        Oil Painting on Tile
         Signed "Fr Till"
1937 Engraved Enamel Cigarette Case
Custom Made Pug Hood Ornament Antique Advertising Pug in Barrel Antique Austrian Terra Cotta Pug
Antique Austrian Terra Cotta Pug Antique Meerschaum Pug Pipe Antique Austrian Terra Cotta Pug
Victorian Pug Cabinet Piece #1 Victorian Pug Cabinet Piece #2
Antique Conta & Boehme Fairing Piece
           "The Orphans"
Meriden Pug & Boot Toothpick Holder Antique Pug in Boot Salt Shaker Antique Silver Plate Pug Salt Shaker
Nymphenburg Pug - Blanc de Chine Victorian Pug with Bone Nymphenburg Pug
Antique Majolica Pug Humidor 19th Century French Pug Automaton Victorian English Majolica Pug
Antique Pair of Blanc de Chine Pugs Antique Bisque Pug & Spitz Nodders
  Antique Pug Pipe  

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